I am so honoured to have had the opportunity to work with such amazing women! Here are some reflections about our time together.

“I am so genuinely grateful for the personal growth I experience throughout my sessions with Taryn. I’ll be asking for more life coaching sessions as gifts from my family as the positive impact and lasting effect they have on you far outweigh a trip to the day spa!”
Gail Sorley
“Taryn at A Centred Life, provides wonderful, professional service, which I can highly recommend. “
Jenny D
“I was half expecting a counselling session as I had no real idea about life coaching. WOW! I am so impressed. I would definitely recommend Taryn as a coach. “
Elaine Lever
“It is always a wonderful experience with Taryn at A Centred Life. She is highly professional, friendly and knowledgeable. All expert care is given in a very relaxing, soothing environment. .”
Margot M
“Not having any prior experience with coaching, these sessions have really changed my life. Taryn’s coaching sessions have helped me make the changes to my life that I have been trying to do myself for years. I can’t speak highly enough of Taryn. With her gentle nature and calm approach, Taryn had a gift for prompting me to dig deep into what I really wanted to work on and assisted me in developing actions and strategies to achieve my goals. I looked forward to my weekly call and felt confident and supported in voicing my issues. I would happily recommend Taryn and A Centred Life and have already done so with friends and family.”
Leanne Newton
“As a burnt-out frazzled stay at home mum I cannot explain the personal transformation I have experience being coached by Taryn. She has such a beautiful nature and I felt totally secure being brutally honest about where I am in my life. Taryn has a great way of looking at the world and even got me laughing again! I see things with more clarity and I now understand the value in looking after myself as well as my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Taryn, you are an angel. “
Bridgette Dawes
“I am a long-time client of Taryn at A Centred Life. Her treatments are second to none. I joke that she has ‘magic hands’ but it’s actually true! She is kind, caring and calm. Her healing space is well thought out providing a serene environment the minute you step through the door. From massage, to facials and reiki, Taryn’s treatments are sublime. She is my go-to whenever I need a little pampering or selfcare.“
Kelley J
“I can’t thank you enough for the amazing gift you have given me and my family, whilst life will continue to throw us the odd curve ball every now and then, I truly believe I/we are now in a better place and much better able to deal with whatever the circumstances and then move on and forward.” Thanks again
Sarah L
PS I have lost 3kgs!!
“Taryn came into my life at the exact right time. Although happily content with my life, at times I admit I felt like I was wading through mud. Taryn has completely allowed me to look at things from a different perspective and realise I am in total control! I have had the confidence to make changes I have struggled with for a long time and am so keen to embark on my future. I can’t thank you enough!”
Theresa J
“Taryn has an amazing energy about her; she has a gentle calm nature but will pull you in to line when necessary. If you want to get where you want to go – Taryn’s your girl.”
Amanda Sampson
“It’s been a long time since I have felt this relaxed. All the beautiful products and smells. It was just heaven. Thank you.”
Pam G
“My sessions with Taryn from A Centred Life were a real wakeup call that I’m not looking after myself emotionally and mentally. Spending this time on me has made me realise how important it is to nurture every aspect of self. Our sessions have highlighted how much mindfulness can help me to achieve whatever I want. Taryn had a lovely demeanour and made me feel really heard, and comfortable. I was a bit skeptical about life coaching but have seen how it can really help to identify what’s going on in my life and what needs some work! Thank you Taryn.”
Tanya McNaughtan
“I have been seeing Taryn for Crystal Reiki for a couple of years now and the sense of calm I experience during and after is amazing.”
Sabrina S
“Following life coaching with Taryn, I felt much more positive and in control of many aspects of my life that were not in balance. She provided effective feedback, supported me in taking steps to change what was not working and the courage to see my strengths and develop on these. An amazing journey in such a short period, a very focused process with realistic timeframes, client focused and client driven. It felt liberating to be back in the driver’s seat, back in control, moving forward with more clarity and focus” Thanks so much Taryn
Sinead T xxx
“Absolute bliss! I love the new studio & I can’t wait to work my way through all your offerings!"
Elizabeth K
“Taryn has created the perfect mix of services for the busy modern woman. A visit will give your skin and soul everything it needs. !"
Alyssa L
“I have been seeing Taryn from A Centred Life for the last 6 months. From the beginning she took the time to understand what I needed and customised my wellness programme to match. She understood my concerns and explained every step of the process. It was clear that my happiness and well-being was her number one priority. It’s such a worthwhile journey that I am so grateful for and I highly recommend."
Adrianne W