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The Modern Woman High-pressure life style, motherhood, career, house keeper, family PA,  chief nurturer, lover, chef, chauffeur, friend, carer……. Not to mention covid craziness and potentially a dash of home schooling on top! These are just a few of the balls we juggle on a daily basis. We love our Fun, crazy, unpredictable lives. But […]


Scaredy Cat!

Why fear is the biggest barrier to achieving your goals Children are not afraid to dream big and set spectacular goals like being an astronaut, becoming a tooth fairy or marrying a prince and it’s not an attack on their self-worth if they don’t get to accomplish it. As we grow up our world get

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Life Reflections

Powerful questions to start thinking differently about your life Questions shine light into areas that would otherwise be in the dark. They give new perspectives and the ability to explore without consequence. With the clarity of our answers, we shape a clearer vision of what we want in our life. The choice is ours what

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Love You!

Self – Love and how to own it! No one on this planet is like you! You are unique and rare, and when something is rare it is valuable! This is the thought process we need to have when valuing and loving our own self. Self-love is defined as ‘regard for one’s own well-being and

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